Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getting to Know Discovery Education

About ten days ago  I was given the opportunity to attend a morning learning session with Discovery Education.  I first heard about Discovery Education through conversations with Kathy Cassidy, a grade one teacher in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  Last summer she attended a conference hosted by Discovery Education and I was curious to know more.  I asked around a bit and knew my school district had dealings with Discovery Ed but I didn't really know how to access it.  In addition, Kathy had told me about a free on line conference put on by Discovery Ed and I was fortunate enough to attend. You can read about my conference experience here.  Needless to say I liked what I was seeing and learning.

Last week I learned a little be more about the Discovery Education website. It is filled with tons of amazing resources for all grade levels.  Initially I thought it justhad videos which you can save and share, but it goes way beyond that.  There are lessons shared by educators, images, media files etc.. There is homework help for students and so much  more.

Since I've attended I've told my students a little bit more about Discovery Ed.  Right now in science we are learning about bats.  With Discovery Education my students are able to search for their own bat resources and learn on their own.  A few of them have found bat images and have added them and written about them on their individual blogs.  Because my school district has a membership with Discovery Education we are able to use and create with these images legally.  I love that!

I look forward to getting to know Discovery Ed a lot better.  I know there is huge for potential for me as an educator/learner, and for my students.  If you're using Discovery Ed with your students I'd love to know how.


  1. We have used Discovery Education to download some videos on math, science and language arts. The students love watching the videos. I pause videos as we watch and we discuss, predict and ask questions.

    1. Thanks Niki. I found some great video for force and motion but then had trouble streaming them in class.This time I've downloaded the bat movies I want to share with my students so I'm excited to be able to do that. I haven't explored math or language arts yet but I will. Thanks for sharing what you're doing with your students. I love this sharing of ideas. K

  2. Hi K Lireman,
    While am search with educational blogs, I have gone through your blog, and I have visited the Discovery Education site which is really awesome and useful for the students.
    Thanks for sharing your views with us.