Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Interview with KidBlog

A few weeks back Matt Hardy from Kidblog.org tweeted me asking if I would be interested in writing for or being interviewed by him on behalf of Kidblog.org.  I was totally flattered to even be considered - especially since I think Kidblog is such a great blogging platform for my students - and of course I said yes.  Having never done a video interview (heck this was my second interview ever) I thought I'd take the risk and give the video option a try - immediately thinking to myself what am I doing.  I also wrote a bit for him and included some pictures of my students from last year blogging.  Thankfully Matt was super easy to talk to and hopefully in the process I didn't embarrass myself. If you're curious to see this blog post and interview you can check it out here.

Karen Lirenman & Her Grade 1 Class Featured: In the Classroom with Kidblog! 

I can't thank Matt enough for asking me to share my story, and for making it so easy to do.  I do apologize for talking so much, and so fast, but if you know me at all it isn't anything new.  

Now I wonder what's next in terms of cool opportunities coming my way. Hopefully I'll be equally as brave to give them a try.


  1. Awesome Karen! It was so cool to see you and hear your voice :) I have been hesitating to get my First Graders blogging but I just have to jump in and do it! I love how you addressed the importance of celebrating where a student is as the place where they should be! I so agree!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. You should jump in and do it. Of all the things I changed last year getting my students blogging was the most powerful. It was incredible to see my students want to write not because they had to but because they wanted to. It was exciting to see them read each others writing and leave comments too. As you can imagine I love kidblog. And you're right I also think it is really important that children are accepted as who they are and where they are. Thanks again for the comment. I can't wait to see your students blogs. :-)