Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm A Very Thankful Lady!

Back in December I blogged about losing the interactive white board and projection device from my classroom.  My concern wasn't so much about losing the interactive white board, but more about losing the projection device.  The more I learn and explore with technology in my classroom, the more important that projection device has become.  But when my turn with the IWB was over and the board (and it's projection device) was passed on to another teacher in my school I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

Immediately I started to book our one school bookable projection device.  For the most part I could get it when I wanted it (with some advanced planning) but it was tough to get it on demand.  The projection device was stored on the other side of our very large school.

As you can imagine, I have been chatting about really wanting a projection device stored in my classroom to anyone that would listen. One of the people I've been talking to is Patti Dundas, the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer for my school district.

Now you're probably wondering what connection I'd have with Patti.  Well, the public school teachers in British Columbia are in a job action.  One part of this job action is that as teachers we are not doing any supervision of students outside of our teaching time.  Because we are not doing supervision, additional bodies are required at schools to help supervise students outside during recess.  Patti happens to be the person that joins my principal and vice principal for recess duty every day.

During inside days Patti is often down my hallway making sure my students are safe.  I've often been around and we've been chatting.  I've encouraged her to check out how my students are using our class iPad and my personal iPod.  We've talked about my frustrations with not having a projection device in my room.

All  this talk got Patti thinking (and perhaps Patti talking with others at the board office that know what I'm trying to do in my classroom).  Much of our school board office has moved to a brand new building and with that move some of the technology has changed. Perhaps there was a projection device that was no longer in use because of the move?

Today my wishes came true.  Patti has found, and donated a projection device to my classroom.  I can't be happier!  While I had booked our school projection device for our Friday morning blogging around the world session, we ended up using our new projection device three more times spontaneously.

I'm a very thankful lady!

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