Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Day in the Life of One iPad in My Grade One Class

I feel very blessed to have been given an iPad2 to use with my grade one classroom.  In the few short weeks that I have had it, it has been used for many different things.  Here are some of the ways I have been using the class iPad2.

 A student is using the Word Wizard App. 

The Word Wizard App allows my students to touch letters and hear their corresponding sounds.  It helps my students gain more letter sound knowledge and use that knowledge to phonetically write their own words. The Word Wizard App has also been used to help students practice their spelling of CVC words, and basic sight words.

Creating a story using My Story App.

My Story App has allowed my students to draw, speak, and write their own stories.  These stories, when complete, can be sent to and stored in iBooks for everyone to enjoy.

Practicing our Word Wall Words using Magnetic ABC App

The Magnetic ABC App is just like using magnetic letters but it's more.  This version has different backgrounds and some pictures to add. It makes practicing Word Wall Words even more fun!  We have several other apps that we've been using to practice our word work.

Monster 1 - There is  Monster at the End of This Book

During reading time my students have been using the iPad to read and/or listen to stories.  A favourite story right now is The Monster at the End of This Book starting Grover.  Another favourite is The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  Both books are highly interactive.  Often there are five or six children sitting around the iPad interacting with it as they read/listen to the story.

Math Bingo App

PopMath App

My students have used several different math apps to practice their basic math facts.  

Using the iPad to project a movie from YouTube.

My class has used the iPad in conjunction with a projection device to watch content specific videos.  Here we are watching a version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears because right now we are learning about Fairy Tales.

These are only some examples of what we've been doing with our class iPad.  In addition, I still have what feels like a million more ways to use our wonderful tool.    If you have some suggestions of ways I can integrate one iPad into my classroom program I'd love to hear them.


  1. Wow! I have an iPad for my first grade classroom as well but have found it hard to get it into the students hands because they all want to use it! How have you delt with the management side.

  2. Jenn my students are actually really good at sharing it. We use it so often during the day that everyone that wants a chance to work with it is able to work with it (at least every day or two). For some activities I have apps for specific students and the rest of the class understands why I chose certain apps for certain students. When they are using it to read a favourite book they are really good at making sure several of them can see it at one time. I think the more you get it into their hands the better they will get at sharing it. Having said all that I also I let my students use my personal iPod too which helps keep more happy.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. If I can provided you with any other assistance please just ask.


  3. What an amazing tool! I am also using iPad(s) in my grade three classroom. We have used many of the same app/ideas that you have suggested. Doodlebuddy Everything is also fabulous for students to demonstrated letters, numbers and shapes. The choices for backgrounds, stamps and colours makes it very flexible. I also use the iRig recorder so my students can record and listen to their oral reading, evaluate their oral reading and set goals to improve their reading...so powerful! Dragon Dictation allows several of my students to create stories and share their thinking without the burden of writing. PuppetPals is also a fabulous tool, students posted their plays to our class Youtube account to share with their parents at home. I can't imagine a day without this device.

    Thanks for sharing your journey.

    Green Timbers Elementary

  4. Thanks Robyn for sharing all of your app suggestions. Believe it or not I have almost every app you recommended on my class iPad and we have used most of them too. I prefer Audio Boo over iRig because my students can record their reading, upload it, and then embed it on their personal blogs. We aren't there yet but it's coming really soon. I was hoping to have great success with Dragon Dictation. It seems to work fine in my home but we are having trouble with it at school. It will be a very powerful tool for one of my students. With one iPad and young students I find it is sometimes difficult to do everything I'd like to do. We'll get there though as I will find a way to make it all work.

    Thanks for sharing with me too!