Sunday, August 7, 2011

Playing with Voki and Storybird

This past week I spent time with two of my three precious nieces in New York. One of my nieces has just finished Kindegarten and will be entering grade one this September. Who better than to work with me on some new on line technology tools. We played around with Voki and Storybird and she loved them both. I'm sure the students in my class will love them too, and hopefully we'll be able to add them to our class blog (and if we get this far their student blogs). Here are a couple of her creations.

We had trouble getting her voice to record so we went the old fashion route of text to voice.

The Adventures of the Four Princesses by klirenman on Storybird


  1. Great story! What fun it is to use Storybird!
    I need to try Voki!

  2. My niece loved Voki best. We sent Voki's to her parents as little surprises for them. I just need to figure out why we couldn't get the "record" function to work to record her actual voice. That would have been best.