Sunday, May 12, 2013

Using Twitter to Learn Math

Right now my class is in the middle of creating their own story math problems in a variety of ways.  One way that seems to be popular is  using twitter, and more specifically the hashtag #mathstory to write and share math story problems.  They have had several other classes read and respond to their math problems and some have added their own too. My students are trying to reply to everyone's tweets and to respond to those math problems that they are writing.  My students are engaged and excited to see their math problems solved by other children outside of our school.

One thing that's cool is that they have had their questions replied to in many different formats. Some teachers have had their students draw their thinking in pictures, and then have tweeted those pictures. Others have had their students rewrite the number sentence with the answers. Others still have written both the addition and subtraction way to find the answers.  It's great for my students to see these different ways to solve number stories.

Have you ever used twitter, and more specifically a twitter hashtag to help teach/learn/reinforce a concept? I'd love to hear how.  In the mean time here's a Storify of some of the tweets that have gone back and forth. For clarity sake I have tried to make the conversations flow. Also for some reason I was not able to find the tweets of my students responding to the answers to their questions despite the fact that in many cases they have.


  1. Great use of twitter with've always got me thinking...#mathstory of the day

    What about playing I have...who has?
    new hashtag #Ihavewhohas What do you think?

    We're going to start our math topic on Geometry this week...will try it.

    1. Sounds like a great way to learn geometric shapes. I have a cube who has a cone - then find a picture of a cone to tweet with another I have a cone who has a rectangular prism etc.. I like it Amy I like it. That's the cool thing about our blogs. It helps us learn and share with one another. :-) That's for your great idea. I think it will be a fun way to learn.