Saturday, September 29, 2012

Missed Dean Shareski's Talk? No Worry It's the 21st Century!

This year my school district Surrey is holding six sessions as part of the Engaging the Digital Learner - Going Deeper series.  I am very excited that my school is involved with this incredible dinner series and that myself and three of my teaching colleagues are attending.  The first session was held  this past Thursday night and featured Dean Shareski.

The evening started with two different presentations from Surrey Schools sharing the amazing things they are doing with their students in our school district. It was great to learn with them and I look forward to more of this sharing.

Then dinner was served.  

This is where things went from great to awful for me and a few others in the crowd.   You see, Thursday, Sept 27th, the night of the first session, was also the night of my school’s Meet the Teacher evening and so I could not stay for the second part of the session.

Now you have to understand I have been following Dean on twitter for a while now and I was really looking forward to meeting him  face to face and just as eager to hear him speak.  But with the Surrey Schools sharing first, and Dean presenting second I was not going to hear him speak.  While I always say "I'm only super human" I couldn't be in two places at once.

Since I still could meet Dean face to face I made sure to introduce myself to him. Now I have a real face behind the tweets and interactions I have with him. It makes them even more real. So that was good.  

But what was I going to do about missing the talk?  Did I really have to miss his keynote?

This is the 21st century right?  We have tools for everything these days right?

I’m not sure if you remember or not, but when I attended Unplugd12 back in August I was given a livescribe pen.  And to be perfectly honest I don’t normally carry my livescribe pen with me in my purse, I keep it in my classroom.  But, as it was someone special had sent me some livescribe notebooks and I wanted to show her how awesome the pen was.  She was at the learning session too so I had the pen with me. 

Then it hit me, if I only I could leave the pen with someone at the dinner series who could record Dean speak, then pick  up the pen the next morning.  I'd have the entire talk recorded.  But who could do this for me and make it easy for me to get the pen the next day.  Since I'm in the middle of using the pen for collecting reading assessment data on my students I needed the pen back ASAP.  Hmm... I thought for a while and then it hit me! Tia Henriksen is a wonderful vice principal in my district and her daughter Trista is a student in our school.  How perfect. Tia could record with the pen, and then I could collect the pen from Trista in the morning.  

Thankfully Tia was totally game to give it a try for me so after some quick instructions, I headed back to school with fingers crossed that it would all work out okay.

And guess what... it did!  After catching up on the tweets shared, speaking to a couple of people, and flying e-mail back and forth I knew I had to listen to Dean's talk. In addition Dean shared his slides so that not only could I listen to the talk in the comfort of my own home, I could also follow along with his  slides.  The only thing missing were the videos but if he gave enough information I could quickly search them out.  I found some, but not all of them.

Anyhow since this the 21st century and sharing our learning is so important these days with Dean's permission I am happy to share both the audio, and the visuals of Dean's presentation on Thursday night.  Enjoy!

The Audio


The Visuals  

All credit for the above audio and visuals go to Dean Shareski with an extra special thanks to Tia for being willing to record from her table.  

Wow, I love that this was even possible.  It makes missing it not nearly as bad as it really was.

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