Saturday, August 4, 2012

Using an iPad in a Grade One Classroom- Part 2

While I think I was quite thorough in my original post Using an iPad in a Grade One Classroom I completely forget to talk about the four apps I have on my student's iPad shelf - you know the little "shelf" at the bottom of the iPad.

The first "app" I have there is a direct link to our class blog.  You see most  of our on-line activities are via our classroom blog so instead of having my students  find a book mark or type in our long class blog address, I created an app looking link that takes them directly to our class blog. I have to thank Kathy Cassidy for teaching me about that one.

Curious how I did it? First open the web page you want to save on your iPad desk top.  Open this web page in Safari. Then, while still in Safari touch the "share" button (you know the rectangle with the arrow pointing out from it).  Next select "Add to Home Screen". It will prompt you for a name - I type "Class Blog" and then it saves it to your iPad desktop. It is a life saver and SO easy to do.  I actually think when I want my students to start doing research I will add direct links to the websites that are best for them.  If you are using shared iPads each teacher could easily have their own folder with their own personal direct links to websites that are best for their students.The "Add to Home Screen" is a wonderful feature.

The other apps I have on the shelf are Safari, Camera, and Photos. I'd assume they are pretty self explanatory but necessary to have easy access too since they are used so often.

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