Sunday, April 1, 2012


A week or so ago Hugh McDonald tweeted about a website called Tagxedo.  It sort of acts like Wordle in the sense that it makes pictures with the words that you input but it does more than that.  On Tagxedo you can chose the shape for your words.

Here's a quick one I made this evening using my most recent twitter tweets. I can see this being really motivating for my grade one students to use, perhaps imputing their individual blog addresses so that they can see what their writing looks like in an interesting shape.  Hmm, the head is spinning.


  1. I love how it takes prominent words in your blogs and makes them stand out. It makes it easy to see some of the topics you enjoy learning about.

  2. Thanks Hugh. This was actually made with my twitter feed from yesterday. It's interesting for me to see the people I've been publicly chatting with show up well. But I'm not sure if you've noticed but numbers do not show up in this. That I find a bit strange.

    In any case I can see my students loving this. Thanks again for sharing. While I have stumbled across it before it was good to be reminded again how cool it really is. Such potential to display learning.