Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Twittering for Educational Purposes is Making My Mind Explode!

I'm a generalist, and not a specialist.  I have interests in way too many areas to ever settle down and focus on just one. When I was in university I'm certain I was the only sociology major taking higher level inorganic chemistry classes too - just for fun.  Heck I think I took classes in almost every faculty out there just to make sure I didn't miss out on anything. I always took more classes than I was required and I've never stopped learning.  I read, research, ask questions, and question pretty much everything.  I rarely take things just as they are.  Which, perhaps, is why twittering for an educational purpose is making my mind explode.  Sometimes this constant questioning on my part may come across as me thinking I know it all.  That is furthest from the truth.  I usually feel like I don't know anything even though I spend so much time trying to learn everything. Of course I know I'll never know it all, and the moment I think I do is the moment I need to leave the profession.

Back to twittering for educational purposes. So far I've stumbled across some great blogs.  I've found help with twittering; advice on teaching reading, writing, math; differentiating, integrating technology; and so on and so on.  As a generalist my head is exploding.  I want to learn it all, and I want to learn it all right now.  How do I deal with this information over load???

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