Friday, August 30, 2019

And so the journey continues...

The past few days I have been furiously trying to take a space that I had no previous connection to, and create a place that is welcoming for my 28th year of teaching.  It's crazy even to write that this will be year 28, but it is.  This year I try to find my home with in the Vancouver School District.  So far I'm quite pleased with where I have landed.  While the building is the oldest building I've taught in the people have been kind and the community welcoming.  On Tuesday I finally get to meet some students although it may be a few days still before I meet the students that will remain with me for the school year.

Setting up a room from scratch is an extremely exhausting process.  Not only is it figuring out where to put furniture to best meet your learners needs (when you haven't even met them yet) but it's the decisions that need to be made every step.  Where should I put the tools for learning so that my students can access them independently? How should I arrange the tables knowing that sometimes the students will want to work in large groups, and other times more independently.  How do I make literature a key focus in the room? Where can I store my professional resources that I can access as needed? I am fortunate that I have quite a large room this year (my largest of my career I think) and I have tons of natural light too.

Now the only thing left to do is wait for the children to arrive.

If you're curious here are some photos of how I left my classroom this afternoon.

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